Five for Five: NewsBusters Highlights and Contest Winners

Editor's Note: For the list of NewsBusters T-shirt contest winners, skip to the end of this post.

As we approach our 5th anniversary at NewsBusters, our celebration would not be complete without a recap of our best posts. It was a tough call, but we came up with the top 25, broken down evenly into five categories of five each.

We call it our Five-for-Five.

Each Friday through August 13 we'll publish a Five-for-Five list.We've saved the very best for last: On Monday, August 16, we'll publish the Top Five Outrageous Outbursts.

But we start today with a much lighter note. The first category for Five-for-Five is The Top Five Media Flubs Caught by NewsBusters. (Also check out a short video-cast with NewsBusters bloggers talking about how they caught the flubs.)

In no particular order we remember...:

...and last but not least, how, if the whole broadcast journalism thing doesn't work for her, NBC's Michelle Kosinski could easily become a shallow-water canoeing instructor ["Up a Creek: Accusing Bush of Video Stunt, 'Today' Gets Caught in Stunt of Its Own" from October 14, 2005].

That video is so priceless, we've included it below:



And now, as promised, our first-round winners in our 5th anniversary T-shirt giveaway.

Congratulations to:

  • Marc M. of Blackwood, N.J.
  • Bruce B. of Manchester, Conn.
  • Jose D. of Chula Vista, Calif.
  • Jon S. of Kirkwood, Mo.
  • Paul C. of Saint Ann, Mo.
  • Robert S. of Greensboro, Md.
  • Joe C. of Jamestown, Ky.
  • Marcia R. of Howe, Okla.
  • Sharon H. of Metairie, La.
  • Stephanie W. of Pittsburg, Kan.
  • Kossi D. of Stockbridge, Ga.
  • Lois V. of Floyd, Va.
  • David K. of Carmel, N.Y.
  • George S. of Roseburg, Ore.
  • Barbara N. of Warminster, Pa.
  • Ronald S. of South Branch, Mich.
  • Pam T. of Capristrano Beach, Calif. 
  • Timm B. of South Elgin, Ill.
  • Stuart S. of Decatur, Ga.
  • Barbara B. of Florissant, Mo.
  • Sharen C. of Philadelphia, Pa.
  • Robert P. of Glenn Heights, Texas
  • Kathy B. of Lometa, Texas
  • Bobby F. of Warner Robins, Ga.
  • Gary B. of Auburn, Ind.

We'll announce the winners of round two on next Friday. Click here to sign up for the T-shirt giveaway contest if you haven't already.

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