MRC's Tim Graham Addresses 'Mainstream Media Meltdown' on Fox & Friends

MRC Director of Media Analysis Tim Graham appeared on Saturday morning’s Fox & Friends to discuss the emerging examples of liberal "mainstream" media meltdown over the Democrats being abandoned by the voters – and how the public is now a collection of "spoiled" brats, according to liberal talk show host Bill Press.

Fox also highlighted Washington Post columnist/blogger Ezra Klein suggesting the voters are "schizophrenic" when they say they trust Democrats more on issues like the economy, and then say they’ll be voting for Republicans in the fall. What the Post actually found is the full sample trusted Democrats more, 42 to 34, but among likely voters it was 40 percent trusted Republicans more to 39 percent Democrat.

Tim suggested Press and others were already sounding life the aftermath of the 1994 elections, when then-ABC anchorman issued a radio commentary denouncing the country being a "nation of uncontrolled two-year-old rage." (Audio here.)

As Tim said, Press was so unhappy with the current mood of the electorate that he said neither Abraham Lincoln nor Franklin Roosevelt could govern this bitter crowd.

Democrats are starting to look like losers, and perhaps dramatic losers. This could be a remarkable year to mock the folks who suggested "reality has a liberal bias." The shoe is on the other foot, and liberals look like the ones denying reality, insisting the economy is terrific, the Gulf will soon by squeaky-clean, and their political fortunes are fantastic.

NB Staff
NB Staff