MRC-TV: Bozell on Hannity's 'Media Mash' Segment Discussing TEA Party Bias, ClimateGate

Last night, "back by popular demand," Fox News Channel's Sean Hannity interviewed Brent Bozell in a segment focused on media bias entitled "Media Mash."

Hannity led off with the April 15 video of TEA Partier Darryl Postell being interviewed by NBC's Kelly O'Donnell, who asked him if, as a black man, he felt uncomfortable at the rally. "No, no, these are my people, Americans," replied Postell.

"Let's examine the question a little more deeply, your reaction to that," Hannity asked.

Bozell replied:

Normally, when a reporter like this puts his or her foot in her mouth, it's a live event. What's remarkable about this is that it was edited. They actually went to the editing room and put this one together. I mean that's just how nonsensical this whole story is.

But here's the second thing, the more important point. For years and years and  years, Sean, the same liberal press has condemned the conservative movement for not being diverse enough, for not reaching out to blacks. So what happens, there's a rally of conservatives, and there's a black man there, and they go to him and they say, in effect, "Are you insane being with these conservatives?"

Conservatives can't win with the liberal press.

Later in the segment, which aired on Earth Day, Bozell addressed the media's bias in ignoring the ClimateGate scandal:

What the media have been saying to the American people for years is there's only one position [on climate change] which is that it's settled science. ClimateGate blows it all out of the water. Look at the coverage, at the non-coverage. It took NBC 14 days before they did a story. CBS: 15 days before they did a story. ABC: 16 days before they did a story. Why? Because it goes against the narrative of their agenda.

NB Staff
NB Staff