MRC-Radio: Bozell on WMAL's 'Grandy & Andy' Discussing Anti-Tea Party Bias

"In 2009, with all the activity that took place in 2009, guess how many network news stories were done on the TEA Party," Media Research Center (MRC) President Brent Bozell asked the hosts of WMAL radio's "Grandy & Andy Morning Show" at the open of his April 13 interview.

[click here or on image above to play MP3 audio, courtesy of WMAL producer Ann Wog]

When Bozell -- citing the result of MRC's latest study -- noted that the total number of stories through all of 2009 on the TEA Parties registered at a paltry 19, co-host Andy Parks exclaimed, "Is that all?!"

The NewsBusters publisher then put the numbers in perspective, noting how there were 21 network news stories leading up to Louis Farrakhan's Million Man March in 1995 and 41 total stories on the pro-gun control Million Mom March of 2000.

Bozell went on to note that "up until the point of Scott Brown's victory, the TEA Party movement was absolutely just dismissed by the news media," but that after that "it was 'Katy bar the door' with personal attacks... then you just became a group of haters and racists."

NB Staff
NB Staff