MRC's Brent Bozell Declares ABC the 'All Barack Channel'

"ABC News has more than earned the title of the All Barack Channel, they have recklessly fought to achieve it," Media Research Center President Brent Bozell stated in a press release today.

The network had promised to deliver a health care presentation that would "not be ‘slanted' in any way - much less a ‘day-long infomercial' or ‘in-kind free advertising'," but not a single expert was offered to counter President Obama's plan to nationalize the nation's health care industry.

Instead, ABC News "balanced" itself this morning by having Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on today's "Good Morning America" to discuss his health care ideas - for a 3 minute 5 second segment.  Ryan got less than 2 minutes (1 minute, 47 seconds) to respond to questions. Obama received 25 times that much time last night.

"After being condemned by conservatives for organizing a Presidential infomercial, they publicly pledged a fair discussion. But their coverage is proof that they were disingenuous and made a mockery out of the very notion of journalism," the NewsBusters publisher added. "The All Barack Channel is nothing but a megaphone for President Obama and has committed itself to the success of his radical, left-wing agenda."

For the full press release, check here.

The MRC yesterday launched a new Web site that exposes what the liberal news media are not telling the American public about President Obama's health care plan. All the details are available at

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