Mark Levin Praises MRC's Work Fighting 'Fairness Doctrine'

Mark Levin profile picture from MarkLevinShow.comOn Friday, radio host Mark Levin gave a shout out to NewsBusters's parent company the Media Research Center and its work via the Free Speech Alliance to fight efforts by liberals to resurrect the so-called Fairness Doctrine.

Transcript follows (h/t Kevin Eder):

MARK LEVIN: Tucson, Arizona, go.

CALLER: Thank you very much for taking my call, Great One. Listen, I just want to have a few words with you here to say I was raised a lib, and I understand how they work, and it's time to get out of our seats, into the streets.  And I will be protesting in front of my courthouse every Saturday from 7 to 9 about free speech and about, they do not have the right to take you or anyone else off of the air.

LEVIN: Alright, my friend. And by the way, the Media Research Center has a pretty good effort at organizing around this free speech issue and talk radio. So you might want to check them out. MRC. Thank you for your call, sir. 

To sign the Free Speech Alliance petition, click here.

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