MRC's Bozell Urges Action on Stephanopoulos

Last week, Media Research Center President and NewsBusters Publisher Brent Bozell issued a statement expressing displeasure with "This Week" anchor George Stephanopoulos, who, reported the January 27 edition of Politico, has daily message and strategy chats with Obama chief-of-staff Rahm Emanuel and fellow Clinton administration alumni James Carville and Paul Begala.  [click here]

The Media Research Center's quickly took action, working with its grassroots members to present ABC News with a recusal petition (accessible here) and by informing members how they can call ABC News to complain about Stephanopoulos conflict of interest.

Below is an excerpt of Friday's MRCAction Alert, including information on how to call ABC News:

After urging every member of the MRC Action Team to call ABC News and demand that he immediately recuse himself from reporting on any issues involving the Obama Administration, thousands of members took immediate action!

         In fact, we've learned that ABC News switchboard
         personnel were completely swamped, and couldn't keep up
         with the heavy volume of angry calls.

MRC Friend, this is a tremendous beginning, but until the matter is resolved, and George Stephanopoulos recuses himself from further reporting on the Obama administration, we want to increase the grassoots heat even more!

+ + Don't Stop Calling!

MRC Friend, even if you've already called, please do so again, right now--and follow it up with emails using our convenient email form complete with talking points!

We are expanding this effort, and have added Stephanopoulos's boss, David Westin, President of ABC News and Westin's boss, Anne Sweeney, Co-Chairman of Disney. They all need to hear from you.

Here are the numbers to call:

George Stephanopoulos, Washington Chief Correspondent, ABC News 202-222-7700

David Westin, President ABC News 212-456-6200

Anne Sweeney, Co-Chairman, Disney Media Networks 818-569-7700

We simply cannot tolerate this obvious conflict of interest and we're depending on you to help keep the pressure on high until the situation is resolved!

Click here to send emails:

++ Alert your Friends

MRC Friend, this is certainly not an issue the liberal media are reporting.
That's why, after making your calls and sending your emails, forward this message to 25-30 friends and family members, educate them about what is going on and encourage them to take action with you by clicking here:

Thanks for your amazing support, and willingness to help!


Brent Bozell

P.S: Again, until you hear from us that this issue has been resolved, please call and email everyday!

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