NFL Playoff Sunday Open Thread

Playoff weekend began with what would have to be described as surprises Saturday with both away underdogs winning. Sadly, in the first game, much like in last weekend's games, the refs played a huge part.

Hey, zebras: when the play clock is at zero, and the ball hasn't been snapped, that's delay of game. Probably the easiest call you have to make all day. Sheesh.

Anyway, Joe's got us covered below the fold:

Ok, close your eyes...

Now picture hearing the following promo:

Super Bowl Sunday on NBC kicks off at 8:00 AM with a very special two-hour edition of Countdown with Keith Olbermann!

Keith will show us conclusive evidence that Sarah Palin finished DEAD LAST in her office playoff pool by picking the Cardinals and Ravens TO LOSE in the first round!

Did the vapid VP nominee purposely select Arizona to lose to rattle the old bones of John McCain?

Special guest Jonathan Alter, making his 3,000th appearence, breaks it all down!


It's NBC's pregame show LIVE from Tampa! Former organization cancers Matt Millen and Tiki Barber play X's and O's with the keys to defeat!



It's the game we've all been waiting for!

And it's only on N-B-C!

One more win by the Ravens (who had no business winning yesterday) and Cardinals (who I said would cover but never actually thought would destroy the Panthers) and that's what we're looking at for the big game, folks.

Here's hoping today's winners below can help us avoid such a doomsday scenario:

Giants at Eagles: For a team that has never won a Super Bowl, you have to applaud Eagles fans for their arrogance and misplaced confidence. They're alot like former Pennsylvania resident Chris Matthews, who has never won even his time slot more than 1-2 days out of an entire year, but actually had thoughts of winning a 2010 Senate race in a state he hasn't lived in since 1974.

By the way, '74 is the year the most hated blonde on TV (even more than Ann Coulter) tried to run for office in a U.S. House Primary and received a whopping 23% of the vote.

Getting back to the Eagles, they won't get any gifts like the ones Tavaris Jackson was handing out like M&M's last week. Eli Manning is at quarterback this time around. Brandon Jacobs is now healthy, and I just can't buy another #6 seed winning four consecutive games on the road again in the playoffs.

If the Giants can pressure McNabb (0 sacks in two previous meetings this year) they win the game. If not, well, get ready for a least-anticipated NFC Championship game since Rams-Bucs in '79.

Chargers at Steelers:

I love the way all of the news networks reported this particular item:

"On Wednesday, President George W. Bush hosted a luncheon at the White House for President-Elect Barack Obama...along with all of the living ex-Presidents."


He didn't invite any of the dead ex-presidents?

Reagan and Washington had scheduling conflicts?

Sorry...I always found the wording in that lead funny...

Anyway, the big question entering this final game of the weekend is if the Chargers have an away version of those powder blue uniforms. If so, and if Norv Turner is smart enough to order his team to wear them, they win the game. It's really that simple.

But given the likelihood that San Diego shows up in the white and navy, here's how it will go.

And it will be ugly:

The Chargers offensive line gets overwhelmed by the Steelers front seven.

Phillip Rivers throws three interceptions and still talks trash throughout the game.

Tomlinson doesn't even suit up (which he likely won't), and Darren Sproles shows why he isn't an everyday back and was a third-stringer just one year ago. His performance against the Colts was nice, but that defense is three shades softer than the Steel curtain, which doesn't allow anyone to run on them at home.

Ben Roethlisberger, human statue, will have an average day coming off a concussion, but he won't make any mistakes. The defense will prove him a short field to work with. Willie Parker, Hines Ward and the 25-degree weather (which never seems to work out for any warm weather team in the playoffs) will do the rest.

Chargers 13
Steelers 27

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