MRC's Motley on Media's 'Death-Bed Confession'

"This is a death-bed confession," Seton Motley quipped of Time magazine's Mark Halperin admitting that the mainstream media was biased towards Sen. Barack Obama. The MRC Communications Director made the remark on the November 24 "Fox & Friends" program

"As the mainstream media dies, they're trying to rectify their reputations and their relationships with their audience by saying, 'oh, you know, we were in the tank.' Clearly, this would have been a lot more useful in June or July," Motley added. "It does us no good now at the end of November."

But don't hold your breath for balance, the NewsBusters contributor told co-host Steve Doocy:

MOTLEY: You'll notice he [Halperin] doesn't say, "We'll try harder." They aren't being Avis this go-around. They're just saying, "We were really bad, and from all indicators, we'll continue to be bad." So it's not entirely sure if these occasional mea culpas are really going to propound to better coverage going forward.

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