MRC's Motley on Left-wing Netroots Displeasure at Obama Transition

Appearing on the November 24 "Fox & Friends," MRC Director of Communications Seton Motley reacted to left-wing bloggers critical of President-elect Obama for choosing center-left, rather than far-left staffers for his presidential transition team. [audio available here]:

GRETCHEN CARLSON, co-host, "Fox & Friends": Alright, Seton, so a lot of these people on the Left say, "Oh, wait a minute, Barack! You were supposed to choose people who feel exactly like we do on the issues." And in essence, he's chosen a lot of centrists. Will we now see the blogosphere really light up now with the ultra-left viewpoints?

SETON MOTLEY, Media Research Center: Well, it's going to be interesting. I don't know how you can build an entire Cabinet, an entire administration on what Markos Moulitsos and those guys want. I mean, they're so far out there that you can't possibly govern from those positions in a lot of cases. He's picked a lot of hard-core guys. I mean, Rahm Emanuel is no--

CARLSON: Shrinking violet.

MOTLEY: --retiring violet, no, no, absolutely not. And Robert Gibbs is his press secretary, speaking of dealing with the media, and you know, ask Megyn Kelly how pleasant a guy he is. So, you know, there are some hard-core guys in this administration. He's now going to the well for a lot of the positions that do require experience. Remember he ran with not a lot of experience, so now he's going to the well of Democrat talent to pick more experienced people.

MOTLEY: I don't know how conservative Hillary Clinton is with her 8 percent ACU rating. So I think they're unpleasable on the very far-left.


NB Staff
NB Staff