MRC/NB's Bozell on FNC Discussing Oprah and Palin

MRC President and NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell appeared during two segments on Fox News Channel's "Fox & Friends" Friday morning to discuss the "O effect," or Oprah Winfrey's impact on the election of Barack Obama, and how the media has helped spread rumors about Sarah Palin from anonymous McCain campaign consultants. Bozell repeatedly called these nameless sources for the rumors "nameless, faceless cowards" [audio of both segments available here].

During the first segment, the MRC president had the following answer on whether Oprah's support actually helped Obama: "It did help him out, you know -- incoming memo, she's a liberal who supports Barack Obama. Everbody knew it." He pointed out how daytime host wouldn't have Sarah Palin on as a guest. He also highlighted how Hollywood supported Obama financially, but Obama was disciplined enough to minimize their public support.

After a commercial break, Bozell discussed the rumors that emerged after Election Day from anonymous McCain campaign consultants. He stated that it was no surprise, that conservatives knew that if McCain lost, his campaign consultants would attack Sarah Palin.

Later in the segment, he blasted the journalists who had picked up on the story, pointing out there are "a whole lot of knives in her back from nameless, faceless cowards -- that's all they are. And by the way, shame on any journalist who covered this story, if those nameless, faceless cowards don't have the guts to come forward and give their own names."

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