MRC's Bozell on Media Coverage of Obama's Bankrupting Coal Industry Remark

Appearing on the Election Day eve edition of "Fox & Friends," MRC's Brent Bozell reacted to the how the media, starting with the San Francisco Chronicle, hit the proverbial snooze button with Sen. Barack Obama's remarks about bankrupting the coal industry:

Everyone talks about the need for alternative energy.... The problem is that everytime an alternative comes forward, someone on the Left always shoots it down. That's why you don't have more growth in the coal industry or in the nuclear industry. The reason these things never come to the fore is because on the Left, they're always shot down in the final analysis. And Barack Obama just said it again, he's going to do it.

During the segment, co-host Brian Kilmeade noted that a McCain staffer Rick Davis said simply of the media's coverage of the campaign, "it sucked." Bozell agreed, hitting the media for bias by omission:

BRENT BOZELL, MRC President: When you see the public by a factor of 10-to-1 understands that the media are out to get Sarah Palin, that's good. On the other hand, what the public doesn't know is that all the stories that aren't being covered by the media. It's the bias by omission. If they listen to talk radio, they'll hear it. If they watch your news program, they'll understand it. But if they're watching ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and the like, there are all these stories about Barack Obama they simply do not know.

BRIAN KILMEADE, co-host: Alright. And I'm sure if it wouldn't if it wasn't actually on tape, and people would say they've been misquoted.

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