Bozell to MSNBC: It's About Time | Media Research CenterSpreading the Word's parent company, the Media Research Center, today released the following statement from President L. Brent Bozell, III.:

Arch-liberal MSNBC has finally pulled the plug on the horrendous anchor tandem of Olbermann and Matthews. It's a good move, but it's about time. I wonder what it was that finally made them see the light?

Was it the protesters on their airwaves and in locales around the country that finally showed them they'd gone too far around the left bend? Was it the over-inflated Olbermann's on-the-air beratings of his less liberal colleagues? Or was it the fact that MSNBC remains entrenched in dead last among the cable news networks?

Whatever it is, the thrill up MSNBC's leg is gone. And now, finally, so are the woeful Olbermann and Matthews, if only from their anchor desks. Mothership NBC is hoping its credibility didn't head out along with them. Olbermann and Matthews's blatantly biased coverage will not be missed.

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