Weekend Sports Open Thread

First, a disclaimer: the weekend sports open threads were postponed during the Olympics to prevent folks from giving results on events that hadn't yet aired in the various time zones. Last weekend was an "Oops," as between the DNC, Gustav, and Palin, well, I just forgot. :-)

For this weekend, I can't find any REALLY exciting matchups in college football. Am I wrong?

On to tennis, this year's Wimbledon final might have been the greatest in history. Will we see something similar at Flushing Meadows this weekend? If Nadal wins, thereby becoming only the fourth man to win three Grand Slam events in the same year, will he have officially taken the thrown away from Federer? Are folks surprised at how well this young man has transformed his clay court expertise into hardcourt prowess? (BTW: I am!!!)

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL? What's the game of the week?

Anything else?

NB Staff
NB Staff