Actor Jon Voight Discusses Hollywood Liberalism with NewsBusters

ST. PAUL, Minn. -- On Tuesday, NewsBusters caught up with Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight who's appearing in the about to be released comedy "An American Carol."

Amongst other things, he told us:

There are conservatives, quite a lot of them in Hollywood, but they're quiet. 

After we asked him why Hollywood, which used to be filled with a lot of conservatives decades ago changed, he responded (video embedded right):

I don't know. We lost our way a little bit. You know, all those guys from the other generation, they were all in the service. You know, Humphrey Bogart flew many missions, Clark Gable. All the great guys, Jimmy Stewart. And then something happened along the way. 

When prompted to explain why, he responded:

One of the things is we had Cold War propaganda that was very active in this country, and when it came to the '60s, they took over. The reason why we lost the Vietnam, so we never lost the Vietnam War, guys. We were prevented from continuing the action. We never lost a major battle. 

Astonishing talk from a Hollywoodan, wouldn't you agree? But there was more, because next Voight told us that he used to be like the folks in the streets protesting today, and that the same people who were leading and involved in such rallies in the '60s and '70s:

are now teaching our children. Bill Ayers is a very good example. We've got people who are programming our kids to think that capitalism is evil. America is imperialistic. My God, we've got to get together and stop this. This is a real plague, and it's criminal.

Watch the whole thing either in the embed above or at Eyeblast.

NB Staff
NB Staff