Weekend Sports Open Thread

For those NBers not in Fayetteville, Arkansas, to watch Brandon Sheppard compete at the Tyson Invitational (men's high jump to begin just minutes from now, GO BIG RED!), here's your chance to discuss all things sports.

For instance: who's lying -- Clemens or McNamee? Will someone be charged with perjury and/or obstructing justice? Real baseball fans can start getting ready for the season at ESPN's Spring Training Blog.

Will Kobe play in the NBA All-Star game, and will Jason get traded?

Pretty full college B-ball schedule today. Any upsets to call?

Will Junior win tomorrow's Daytona 500?

Will Lefty have a good weekend at Riviera, or do one of his classic Sunday Slumps?

Finally, and with apologies to our female members, have you seen some of the gals competing in the LPGA lately? Can adding sex appeal make women's golf more, well, appealing?