BMI’s Gainor Previews Obama’s America on Fox & Friends

The first term of President Barack Obama will bring nationalized health care, attacks on the coal industry, higher government spending and higher taxes, according to Business & Media Institute Vice President Dan Gainor.

On “Fox & Friends” Nov. 6, Gainor highlighted BMI’s most recent Special Report, America 2012, a look at what some of Obama’s major policies proposals will do to the American economy and to Americans’ wallets. The report also examines how the media promoted liberal, big-government proposals throughout the 2008 presidential campaign.

Gainor told viewers the commonly reported number of some 47 million uninsured Americans is “wildly wrong. They [both presidential candidates and the media] were claming 47 million people without insurance, the number probably closer to eight to 15. You don’t have as much of a problem if you’re pushing that.”

Obama will “try to put forth the plan for nationalized health care that the media have been supporting throughout the campaign,” Gainor said. But during the campaign, the media failed to examine the cost of Obama’s proposal, which some estimates put as high as $452 billion, Gainor added.

Gainor criticized the media for opposing realistic solutions to energy needs and predicted a rough four years for the coal industry under Obama. “I mean, you saw today Obama talking about Robert Kennedy for [Secretary of the] Interior. That's possibly the most anti-coal industry guy you could pick in the country.”

“Media have pushed for a huge increase in government,” Gainor said. “What they are talking about on almost every issue they have advocated from, you know, from the bailouts, what we have seen from Wall Street, to cap and trade, which is something both the candidates talked about. They advocate for a massive increase in government.”

He said that increase – which brings with it an increase in spending, would almost have to mean higher taxes. “Whether he has the money to afford anything is the big question. That's the issue the media didn't talk about during the campaign, now they are talking about. He’s already, we already got a trillion-dollar deficit. He’s committed to spending $300 billion more than he’s already planning on taking in. So I think what he’s, first thing he’s going to do is roll back the Bush tax cuts.”

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