Media Hypocrisy When Poverty Becomes an Issue

No doubt in the coming weeks you will hear Big Media accounts of race, poverty and economic imbalance in the United States. As you read these stories, keep in mind the hypocrisy.

While the Publisher and Editor of The New York Times earn $2 million and $650,000 respectively, for entry level journalists they pay below the poverty level (should the worker have a family of five.) Often they will pay employees nothing at all, just the pleasure of working for the Times should be payment enough.

While they try to tell us that unions are great for the country and great for workers, they shudder at the idea of unions infiltrating their own companies. While they bemoan that US corporations don't give minorities a chance, they will probably neglect to mention that the average US corporation has much more opportunity for minorities than the average newsroom.

So take it for what it is worth; a guilty hollow atonement for sins that they continue to perpetrate..