Obamacare to Blame for Bad Jobs Numbers: BMI's Dan Gainor on Varney & Co.

"They leave out the context of what's really going on, and the context here is 'Obamacare, Obamacare and Obamacare.'"

Dan Gainor appeared on Fox Business's Varney & Co. on August 6 to address the latest dismal jobs report numbers.

"We've got major employers -- Subway and Hardees and Regal Entertainment -- that have announced that Obamacare is impacting how they hire," Gainor said. "We've got these huge, part-time statistics, two thirds of the jobs were just added Friday, to this 162,000 jobs number that was already disappointing, are part time. So you'd think the networks would make the connection, but we've looked at six months of network coverage, and they don't make the connection at all. You can find it in the Wall Street Journal, you can find it in the New York Times, you can find it in the Washington Post -- just not on ABC, CBS or NBC."

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"Why is that?" Varney asked. "Why this difference in coverage of TV and newspapers?"

Gainor said that newspapers, as liberal as they are, will often cover news like this while TV outlets do not, because they need to fill more space. "They might not emphasize an argument, but they'll at least include it. On the networks, the 30 second or 60 second spot that they'll devote to unemployment numbers that came out on Friday -- you know, they're disappointed, they'll do that briefly -- but they won't go into detail. So they leave out the context of what's really going on, and the context here is 'Obamacare, Obamacare and Obamacare.'"

Gainor also discussed Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos's purchase of the Washington Post. "The key thing here is, he came out and said 'the values of the post will stay the same,' and that's the crux of the problem. This is an institutional, pro-left, pro-democrat, most influential paper in Washington, the nation's capital, and he comes out and the first thing he says is 'we're not going to change anything.' They've basically kicked to the curb anyone who might be conservative, or even moderate, and at some point their values are bound to impact their value."

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