Mainstream Media Marvel Over Michelle

The mainstream media are demonstrating that their fawning coverage isn't limited to President Barack Hussein Obama.  The establishment press loves Michelle LaVaughn every bit as much.  Today's Washington Post Politics Web site carries the story "Michelle Obama wows Britain with high style, rubs shoulders with new royal Kate Middleton."  The article substantiates its claim that Mrs. Obama dazzled the English with support from an impartial, disinterested observer.  I know she's impartial because she authored a book titled "“Everyday Icon: Michelle Obama and the Power of Style.”

On NPR's Web site, the headline is "Michelle Obama Wows Britain With Her Style."  The accompanying Associated Press article begins:

There weren't any hugs, like last time, but U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama shared a warm handshake with the British queen and gained more fans during her state visit to the U.K.

 How does the AP know that Mrs. Obama gained fans?  Did they take a survey pre- and post-warm handshake?

The Sky News Australia Web site also headlines "Michelle Obama wows UK with her style."  On its Web site, People reports: "Michelle Obama brought her signature colorful, feminine style to the British capital on Wednesday, dazzling in an array of elegant designs."  On NBC New York's blog called Thread/NY, "the inside line on New York fashion," we learn "First Lady Earns High Marks in Tom Ford at Buckingham Palace."  Who issues those marks?  Does he grade on a curve?

Over at Access Hollywood, the story is "Glam Slam: Michelle Obama’s Drop Dead Gorgeous Gown."  The piece starts:

Wow. Wow. Wow. What a dress.

Just have to take a moment today to admire (and pay tribute to!) First Lady Michelle Obama’s beautiful gown. She looked like a goddess at last night’s State Dinner at Buckingham Palace in London!

The ruched, ivory, georgette evening gown with ribbon details is by Tom Ford, one of several American designers she has worn during her visit to the UK. Stunning.

Insert whistle here.

The ultra flattering gown showed off Mrs. Obama’s toned arms and shoulders. The First Lady wore her hair in an up-do with long, dangly earrings.

Ooh.  I was hoping they'd get to those toned arms and shoulders.  Verily, a true goddess.

I think we're getting the message.  Much of the mainstream media love, love, love Michelle Obama.  Maybe she didn't wow Britain, but she certainly captivates the establishment press.    


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