CNN's Sanchez Takes a Page From Democrats' Playbook

Unable to defend ObamaCare with reasoning or facts, many of the Democrats at Thursday's health care summit resorted to anecdotes or, as Rush Limbaugh appropriately characterized them, sob stories.  The recycling of a dead woman's dentures and a letter from a struggling farmer who just happens to be the brother of a staffer for the Democratic senator sent the letter were the order of the day.

CNN anchor Rick Sanchez must have found such stories compelling.  Yesterday, his producer sent out this tweet from Sanchez's Twitter account:

*FRP* (From Rick's Producer) Today Rick's looking 4 hardship stories: financial, med., trouble w/ (BROKEN?) govt., family, etc Keep short, maybe will read on air

Sadly, Rick didn't get any good denture yarns.  But he kicked off his Rick's List program yesterday with a few tales of woe:

As a matter of fact, let's go to the Twitter board. This is what you have been saying about this situation with health care, about these politics and these policies that are being discussed.

Look at this one right there in the middle. "Thousands of people are going broke and dying due to the American health care system. The summit was not a game to be won or lost."

That is an interesting perspective.

"All my insurance premiums went up, health, dental, vision, and the coverage is less than before. I cannot afford health insurance. Former government worker here. They wanted $500 to $600 a month for single coverage."

These are Americans talking about their American situation.

"Definitely, our family is in trouble." I had asked them earlier what their situation was. "Should a healthy family have to pay over $600 a month just in case they get sick?"

And, finally: "It is cheaper to die, $6,000, one-time funeral cost, and good luck to the collection agency."

Sanchez, like the Democrats whose water he routinely carries, can't champion ObamaCare with reasoning or facts, so he wants "hardship stories."  He and his mainstream media colleagues will ultimately realize that government isn't broken any more than usual.  What's broken are the dreams of their great trite hope, Obama, to socialize America with minimal resistance.  Now that'll be a real hardship story they can sob over.   

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