CNN's Keilar: Blue Dog Ross 'A Fiscally Conservative Democrat'

On The Situation Room today, CNN congressional correspondent Brianna Keilar reported on "almost a love-fest" for Arkansas Democratic Congressman Mike Ross:

BRIANNA KEILAR, CNN CONGRESSIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Wolf, compared to some of the other town hall meetings that we've seen, some very contentious town hall meetings, this one was almost a love-fest.

It started with a standing ovation as soon as Congressman Mike Ross was introduced. He, of course, is a prominent Blue Dog Democrat, a fiscally conservative Democrat. He and some other Blue Dogs forced House Democratic leaders to postpone a vote on their health care reform proposal until after Congress comes back in September.

That said, he also support many of the things in this health care reform push. But talking with some of the constituents, those who are for this health care reform push, those who are against it, they say that they think Congressman Mike Ross is really doing right by them.

There's about 700 people at this event. We were able to speak with about a dozen of them going into the meeting.

Keilar's description of Ross as "a fiscally conservative Democrat" is revealing.  Project Vote Smart compiles ratings of congressional members issued by many different groups and Ross's record reflects that The National Taxpayers Union gave him a grade of F in 2008 and 2007. He supported the interests of the National Tax Limitation Committee 5 percent in 2007-2008.  For 2007, Americans for Tax Reform gave Ross a grade of 5. The American Conservative Union gave Ross a rating of 12 percent for 2008.

And over at The Club for Growth, Ross received a zero on its 2009 House RePORK Card, which measures support for anti-pork legislation.

Ross's record shouldn't be a surprise.  On the very first day of this Congress, he voted for Nancy Pelosi to be speaker.

My guess is that Brianna Keilar would describe that vote as the action of "a fiscally conservative Democrat."  It's all in a day's work at the most trusted name in news.        

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