Chgo Sun-Times: 'Mayor Daley Is Channeling Ward Cleaver'

Chicago Sun-Times columnist Carol Marin today writes "Daley is Moses-like in keeping ruffians in line at Democratic convention."  She begins with a pop history lesson for any youngsters who might be reading:

I'd swear Mayor Daley is channeling Ward Cleaver here in Denver.

If you're too young to remember the now-ancient TV series, it's on YouTube.

Jerry Mathers starred as Beaver Cleaver, a wide-eyed, excitable kid. Ward was his calm and reasoned dad.

"Gee whiz, Dad!" The Beaver would exclaim.

"Now, now, son," Ward would soothingly say.

That's Daley this week in the midst of a combustible bunch of Illinois delegates.

Marin indirectly references the contretemps resulting from Emil Jones, state senate president and Barack Obama mentor, calling another Democratic delegate an "Uncle Tom."  She then applauds "life coach" Daley for serving as the conciliator:

Rich Daley, who was forged in the convention mayhem of 1968 and the acrimony of the convention of '72, is 66 years old now. There is a lot stored in his brain about the past and about the future. Invoking Teddy Kennedy and Michelle Obama, he spoke yesterday of the "tears in our eyes and a smile on our face."

It doesn't sound at all like the Chicago politics we know.

I don't understand how individuals would store a lot about the future in their brains, but perhaps other Democrats are now assuming the God-like abilities of their presidential candidate.

Insofar as her assertion that recent events don't sound like the Chicago politics we know, Marin is examining matters through rose-colored glasses.  Yesterday in the Chicago Tribune Daley is quoted:

“Like anything else in a primary, a lot of discussions, a lot of debate goes on and a lot of accusations. But it’s over with. And now we have to move on. The primary is over with. And let’s all unite on behalf of Barack Obama. We don’t want to hear any dissent,” he said.

We don't want to hear any dissent.  Now that's pure Chicago politics as usual.  Ward Cleaver has left the building.

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