Greeley IDs The Bad Guys: Veterans, Crackers, Sox Fans

Andrew Greeley's column in today's Chicago Sun-Times is "American warmongers excel at talking a good game."  Greeley's writings are often unintentionally amusing, filled with the sort of kneejerk liberalism we'd expect from a Barack Obama contributor.  This morning's article is typically hilarious:

If we chant "USA!" Often enough, sing God "Bless American!" fervently enough, wear flag pins, fly the flag in front of our house and croak the national anthem loudly enough, we will win victory and honor our dead heroes.

Who are those who reject compromise of a useless and criminally deadly war like Iraq? They are the blusterers, members of "veteran's organizations," mountain folk, crackers, West Texans, blue collar workers, evangelical clergy, neo-cons, Republicans, white ethnics, Sox fans, folks who want Cardinal George to "get rid" of Father Pfleger, those who tell you with a straight face that the country isn't ready yet for a black president and that the United States must rid itself of "illegal aliens." (I hasten to add that all these groups number some men and women who are innocent of bellicose patriotism.)

There's something about the American flag that drives liberals loonier than usual.  It certainly must irritate them that candidate Obama has been forced to sport a flag pin just to fool the crackers, the blue collar workers, etc.

I'm not certain why he placed quotation marks around "veteran's organizations."  Is that not what they are called?  The apostrophe, of course, is misplaced, but maybe we shouldn't expect too much from a PhD.  

Using the marks with "illegal aliens" is more obvious.  The correct term is undocumented workers.  Everyone knows that except for white ethnics, mountain folk, evangelical clergy, etc.

A nice touch is Greeley's hastening to add that "some men and women" in the groups he's identified are innocent of the charges he levels.  Even Sox fans.  How warm.  How understanding.  How compassionate.

Greeley writes commentary and is entitled, obviously, to his opinion.  At the same time, I think it's fair to ask how many other Obama supporters view matters in the same light - and terms - as he does.