Chicago Sun-Times: Obama's Wife 'An Incredible Asset to the Campaign'

They may not be YouTube-friendly, but the Chicago Sun-Times has on staff at least two Obama Girls cranking out their undiluted admiration for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Columnist Lynn Sweet, the newspaper's Washington Bureau Chief, has expressed her displeasure with not being able to follow him into the East Bank Club's locker room. When Obama announced his candidacy, Ms. Sweet deemed his speech "soaring" and "inspirational," an evaluation not shared by everyone seeing it.

Columnist Jennifer Hunter is married to the publisher of the Sun-Times, which might explain why she can avoid even the pretense of detachment. She's favored us with accounts of Republicans who weren't really Republicans. She's written unbiased columns with titles such as "Could Obama end centuries of corruption?" and "Obama has fresh ideas on terrorism."

Yesterday, we learned Ms. Hunter's Obamamania now extends to his wife. In "Michelle gets stronger all the time," we learn that while campaigning for her husband, Mrs. Michelle Obama talks "straight from the heart with eloquence and intelligence."


She speaks with more emotion than her husband; you feel she is the power propelling him, that she has the psychological mettle, the tough skin, the searing ambition.

My colleague Mary Mitchell asked Michelle how she was able to "snag Barack." But Obama knows he is the lucky one. At least he should know. Michelle is an incredible asset to his campaign.

Obviously, the Sun-Times's Obama Girls are also doing their best to be assets to his campaign. At the rate they're going, Barry may have to start reporting their coverage of him as an in-kind campaign contribution.

But please, ladies, stay off YouTube. It's the merciful thing to do.

Chicago Sun-Times