CNN's Soledad O'Brien: New Orleans Shortchanged

On today's CNN American Morning, anchor Soledad O'Brien began a story with: "Lots of people in New Orleans wondering exactly what happened last night. They listened to the president for about 47 minutes before there was even a mention of their city."

After playing a clip from President Bush's State of the Union address, she continued: "And that was kind of it. The president went on for just about a minute. A little bit less. Didn't offer any new money, any new aid."

CNN correspondent Dan Lothian then said New Orleans people believe, "That it was a slap in the face. And this comes, of course, after
residents have been telling us that they don't believe the White House
has been doing nearly enough to help." He then spoke to a handful of people who complained. $85 billion in government money has already been committed to the region, he mentioned, but "of course, people here simply don't believe that they're getting any of that money or that that money is nearly enough."

Of course. For some folks no amount of money would be sufficient. Cato Institute chairman William Niskanen noted last September that government aid for Katrina was extraordinary, "probably on the order of $100,000 per displaced household." More money has been committed since then.

But obviously not enough for Soledad, who bemoans that Mr. Bush didn't offer any new money, any new aid.

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