Oops! Update: 'Fox and Friends' Mocks Kyra Phillips's Bathroom Chat

For those who were not watching Fox News Channel at 6:30am EDT today, 'Fox and Friends First' had a little bit of fun with CNN anchor Kyra Phillips’ restroom conversation, inadvertently broadcast live Tuesday during President Bush’s speech in New Orleans.

Making light of Phillips’ gaffe, anchor Kiran Chetry, having returned from a commercial break, was interrupted by an off-air "personal" conversation taking place between fellow F&F anchors Steve Doocy and Mike Jerrick.


The transcript of the F&F skit is behind the cut:


Kiran Chetry: "All right, welcome back to 'Fox and Friends First' on this Wednesday morning. We're going to take a quick look at some of the other headlines, including heading down to Washington D.C. and checking with Megyn Kendall in just a couple minutes here."

(Mike Jerrick and Steve Doocy are off screen, but audio overlaps)

Mike Jerrick "I mean, she seems okay."

Steve Doocy: "Who? This girl you're dating?"

Jerrick: "This girl I've been dating. Just a couple weeks ago. She met my sister. My sister says, okay, she's cool. She's cool."

Doocy: "Where'd you meet her?"

Jerrick: "But I don't know. Uh, at a convention actually."

Doocy: "Really? Shriners?"

Jerrick: "Amway."

Doocy: "Okay, good."

Jerrick: "I mean, she seems cool. See, I, I don't know. I just got a bad feeling about-"

Doocy: "She a control freak? Is she a control freak?"

Jerrick: "I get that sense that-"

Doocy: "Really? Yeah. Be careful."

Jerrick: "Kind of like my ex-wife, Joy. You know, you know her of course."

Doocy: "Sure. A good person."

(Doocy and Jerrick now onscreen)

Jerrick: "A control freak, no question about it. And that's really the reason why we're-"

Unidentified FOX News employee: "Steve, Steve and Mike. Your mics are on. So they've been hearing this whole conversation on air."

Doocy: "So? We're in a commercial."

Unidentified FOX News employee: "No. I believe that they've been hearing everything that you've been saying."

Second Unidentified FOX News employee: "Oops."

Doocy: "About the control freak part."

Jerrick: "Yeah."

Hat tip to my MRC colleague Scott Whitlock, who alerted me to the Fox "re-enactment."