Phillips Foundation Fellowships Present Opportunity for Aspiring Conservative Journalists

Part of the reason that liberal bias in the elite media exists is that not enough conservatives and libertarians decide to get involved in journalism, especially straight news reporting.

One of the best organizations on the right trying to combat this is the Phillips Foundation which has a program that pays generous amounts of money to encourage people to get involved in producing high-quality journalism that can really make a difference.

If the idea of this appeals to you, consider applying for the 2013 Robert Novak Journalism fellowships. Full-time fellowships pay out $50,000 to successful applicants. Part-time ones pay $25,000. 

The program is open to anyone with 10 years or less of professional journalistic experience. Not interested yourself? Forward this post to someone who you think might be. There is a lot of great  potential that we on the right have. It's about time we started using it.

In 2012, the Foundation awarded seven fellowships. For your reference they are as follows:

Full-time Fellowship

  • Christine Won for “North Korea: - - A Better Understanding.”

Part-time Fellowships

  • Caitrin Nicol for “Seeking the Soul in American Medicine.”

  • Mary Rose Somarriba for “Exploring the Connections between Pornography and Sex Trafficking.”

  • Katherine Timpf for “As California Goes, So Goes the Nation: The Consequences of Following Golden State Policy.”

  • Michael Warren for “Race to Opportunity: How Modern Liberalism is Failing Minorities and What Conservatism Has to Offer.”

  • Tate Watkins for “Open Borders as Engines of American Wealth and Innovation Creation.”

Alumni Fund Fellowship

  • Zachary Janowski for “Price Fixing: How Government’s Obsession with What We Pay Taxes us All.”

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