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You may not be aware of this but NewsBusters is unique in the blogosphere. Not only do we provide the most in-depth media analysis and have the deepest media archive out there, we also are owned by a non-profit organization.

That provides us with the ability to accept tax-deductible gifts but it also means that we are dependent on them.

See, unlike other conservative websites out there, we are greatly restricted in what kinds of advertising we can accept. We don't take a penny from any political party and we don't take ads from 527s or other activist groups.

This means that we have to be financed by our readers to a much greater degree than many other political sites out there, many of whom rake in the campaign dollars.

That's why we need your help with a donation today. Please help us out by clicking here and giving what you can. As the leader in providing expert media analysis and at combating the elite liberal media, NewsBusters has been here for you for over 6 years now. Please be there for us.

We're not trying to raise a huge amount, just $5,000. But we need your contribution to get to that amount.

To show our thanks for your support, we have several gifts available. If you donate $35, you'll receive two of our famous "I don't believe the liberal media bumper stickers."

For a $100 donation, you'll get your choice of either a Chris Matthews or Keith Olbermann doormat (pictured above).

Please help us help you!

PS: If you don't like to donate online, you can send our parent organization a check via surface mail at this address:

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