Canadian Reporter: Social Conservatives Are 'Knuckledraggers'

If you ever feel like the leftward tilt of the elite media in this country can't get any worse, take a look outside our borders to the press in other countries. There you'll find, with a few exceptions, the bias problem is far worse.

North of the border in Canada, Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper faces a much more hostile press as you can see in the video at the right where CTV reporter Robert Fife uses a litany of terms such as "knuckle-draggers" to describe social conservatives in Harper's ruling government.

Fife's remarks were made as he reported on a big hullabaloo involving a Candian parliament member who made an anti-gay remark in a 17-year-old tape that emerged last week. The news set the left-wing Canadian media afire as Kate McMillan emails:

A 17 year old amateur video taken of provincial Conservative party workers having a few too many drinks after a leader's debate surfaces, language is bawdy, and some off colour jokes are recorded, including a future provincial Premier impersonating a Ukrainian farmer, and another from a man who today is a Conservative Member of Parliament, who slurs homosexuals, using the word "faggot".

Much kerfuffle, apologies, ensue and as expected, various special interest groups are demanding blood.

This 17 year old private party tape was the number one story on the news nation wide on April 3rd, trumping the revelations that terrorists in the UK planned to take down 6 passenger liners, including Air Canada flights.

Clearly the Canadian press has its priorities in order.

Fife, meanwhile, needs a lesson on what reporting is. Hint: It's not burping up your unsubstantiated personal biases in front of your few remaining viewers.

Matthew Sheffield
Matthew Sheffield
Matthew Sheffield, creator of NewsBusters and president of Dialog New Media, an internet marketing and design firm, left NewsBusters at the end of 2013