CNN Fires Ranting Liberal Producer for Blogging

CNN logoCNN has fired producer Chez Pazienza after the network brass realized he had been blogging at his own left-wing site and several others over a period of years:

In a phone interview this morning, Mr. Pazienza, 38, said he joined CNN as a senior producer in January 2004 and has consistently received positive performance evaluations of his work. He spent his first year at CNN at the network’s headquarters in Atlanta, then moved to New York to work on “CNN Daybreak,” which has since been canceled, then “American Morning,” which is shown Monday through Friday, from 6 to 9 a.m.

Mr. Pazienza said he started his blog in May 2006 as a way to keep his mind occupied while he was on a medical leave of several months after an operation to remove a brain tumor. He got noticed by blogs like Drew Curtis’s FARK, a popular news-aggregation site, and Pajiba, a left-wing blog of movie and book reviews. [...]

Then, a few months ago, Mr. Pazienza was invited to start blogging on The Huffington Post, the group blog founded by Arianna Huffington.

In a blog post and an interview with the New York Times, Pazienza insisted that his blogging was a personal affair. That does not appear to be entirely true, however.

In the blogger profile section of his site (which appears on every page), Pazienza states the following: "I wake up every morning baffled as to why America hasn't thrown George Bush and Dick Cheney in prison."

Pazienza has a severe case of Bush Derangement Syndrome as even a quick glance through his archives reveals. Here he is on May 10, 2007:

Of all George Bush's negative traits -- and they're far too numerous to list -- I'm not sure that any bothers me more than his uncanny ability to render otherwise bright people unforgivably stupid. We've come to understand that Bush has the IQ of a lemon and accept that he'll never be able to approach any situation, no matter how significant, with anything but the most rudimentary of motor skills. He's a dumb, lumbering jackass, and we know it.

But it's this very fact that makes it all the more inexplicable, and all the more painful, that he seems to have a preternatural gift for bringing those around him -- the ones who, simply in a relative sense, have nowhere to go but up in terms of IQ points -- down to his brain-cell basement level. [...]

If others found their better judgment merely victimized by the White House, Blair's was literally thrown around the room and gang-banged, then dumped in an alley somewhere as Bush and the rest of the frat boys high-fived and drove off into the night. Tony Blair's good name and excellent reputation were utterly defiled, then left to die.

And remember, Bush considers Tony Blair one of his closest friends; no matter one's own stubborn willingness to do so, enabling another to go down in flames is reprehensible.

Whether through fabrication, suggestion, intimidation, coersion or some combination of all, George W. Bush -- the dumb, lumbering jackass -- managed to do what at one time would have seemed impossible: make Tony Blair look incredibly stupid.

Here's Pazienza commenting on the pardon of Scooter Libby:

Do whatever the f--- [uncensored in original] you want.

Rob. Cheat. Steal. Murder. Swindle. Pillage. Rape. Conceal. Destroy.

The law no longer exists -- such as this is a land supposedly of laws and not of men. There is no justice. None.

The Vice President of the United States has already proclaimed that he is above such petty regulation, and now apparently so is his former senior aide.

Our lunatic criminal of a president has seen to it by commuting Scooter Libby's prison sentence. He'll now essentially go free for committing the same crime for which Clinton was impeached a decade ago. The only possible explanation is that Bush figures the country already disapproves of him and his entire presidency in such overwhelming numbers -- what can another ethical travesty hurt at this point?

So pour into the streets America -- it's all yours for the taking.

The rules don't apply anymore.

If anyone asks, tell 'em George sent you.

The fired CNN producer also seems not to have boned up on his libel law either. Here he is talking about Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and her predecessor Colin Powell:

I was never one of those people who believed that Condi Rice was a genius to begin with, despite a doctorate and her admittedly masterful skill at concealing her secret life as a hardcore lesbian; her mindless repetition and defense of Bush's nonsense never convinced me that it was a long fall to the bottom for her.

Other times though, the effect is downright criminal: like a young girl who'd been sexually assaulted, it took some time for Colin Powell to recover his sense of personal honor in the wake of being debased and made a fool of by the White House -- this, despite being surrounded by supportive voices which constantly proclaimed, "It wasn't your fault." Powell was an impressively untarnished soul until the Pimp of Pennsylvania Avenue wandered onto his block and somehow conned him into giving the U.N. a lap dance then spreading his legs for Halliburton.

There's a lot more where that came from. I won't waste your time reciting Pazienza's twaddle. This guy has no business overseeing the news of the local school board. He has a complete lack of objectivity. CNN should be commended for firing him.

Hat tip: Jeff.

Matthew Sheffield
Matthew Sheffield
Matthew Sheffield, creator of NewsBusters and president of Dialog New Media, an internet marketing and design firm, left NewsBusters at the end of 2013