ABC's Matthew Dowd Mocks Grover Norquist; 'He’s Named After a Character from Sesame Street'

On the November 25 broadcast of ABC's This Week, former Bush advisor Matthew Dowd continued his shift away from the Republican Party by bashing conservative anti-tax activist Grover Norquist, saying he’s a impediment to good government. For good measure he childishly drew the connection to the name of a Muppet character on Sesame Street.

"Grover Norquist is an impediment to good governing…and the only good thing about Grover Norquist is he’s named after a character from Sesame Street…and that’s the last I hope we hear of him,” according to Dowd.  It’s sad that some on the Right feel that fighting for the American taxpayer is “an impediment to good governing.”

 Of course the goal of the pledge is holding politicians to account to not put in place tax hikes which confiscate more of Americans' hard-earned wages  to be wasted in Washington. Time is money, the saying goes, but the reverse is true. The more money you pay the government in taxes, the more time you're spending at work for Uncle Sam, not for providing for yourself and your family.

That perspective seems to be lost on Dowd.

This isn’t the first time Dowd has exuded the insufferable knowingness and condescension of American liberalism.

NewsBusters colleague Scott Whitlock aptly noted in the aftermath of the 2012 Election, Dowd proclaimed that the Republican Party was comprised of Mad Men archetypes living in a Modern Family America.  Translation:  the Republican Party is too conservative, stuck in the past, and must move to the left, like Dowd himself, in order to become successful in future elections:

MATT DOWD: And not long ago, it was 90 percent. This is a changing America, which makes a changing electorate. And I think that's the thing that President Obama was able to tap into. I mean, a lot of them are single women, younger voters, but especially, the lower number of white voters. And I think that's what, really, Mitt Romney couldn't overcome on Election Day. What's happened with the Republicans is they are, the Republican Party, is a Mad Men party in a Modern Family America. And it just doesn't fit anymore.