Obama to Voters: Bring Your ID

As voters cast their ballots to decide the future direction of the country, President Obama encouraged people to go our and vote – and bring their ID’s along with them.  I guess the ship has sailed on Al Sharpton’s bridge he intended to sell to us.  We have the President of the United States and the leader of the Democratic Party telling voters to bring their IDs to the polls.  This is the seat of irony since the president's own attorney general equated Voter ID laws to a new poll tax and called them an affront to minority voters.

Yet in the video with Washington, D.C.'s WJLA ABC7 reporter Scott Scott Thuman, the president said “It makes a lot of sense to take a form of identification to your polling place…I want to make sure that people show up to vote.” Who is this person and what has he done with President Barack Obama?


I’m sure Ed Schultz will come down hard on Obama, as he did when he “hyperventilated” over voter ID laws as a method of suppressing women voters.  Melissa Harris-Perry should be ashamed of President Obama since voter ID laws disenfranchise transgendered people.  I wonder how MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts feels about President Obama endorsing a poll tax on minority voters?

Overall, given that the media has regarded Voter ID laws as anathema, I’m sure they will come down hard on President Obama.  Just as they did with Benghazi – oh wait – never mind.   


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