ABC Ignores Jon Karl Calling Obama's Syria Policy an 'Absolute Failure'; Finds Time for Dog Show

At Wednesday’s White House press briefing, ABC’s Jonathan Karl asked point-blank if the Obama administration’s handling of Syria has been an “absolute failure.” ABC didn’t report the exchange on Wednesday evening, however.

Karl asked White House press secretary Jay Carney, “isn’t it time to acknowledge that easing the humanitarian crisis in Syria, that the President’s policy has been an absolute failure?” He cited national intelligence chief James Clapper, who told Congress that the crisis has become an “apocalyptic disaster.” Carney bristled and defended the administration’s record.

Karl wouldn’t let him get far noting the U.S. “humanitarian aid,” retorting that “what I’m talking about is in terms of ending the crisis within Syria.” Karl posed again, “How is that anything but a failure?”

The World News didn’t tell of the exchange, but found time to report on the Westminster Dog Show and a “spunky wire fox terrier named Sky” who won the contest. 

(H/T Mediaite)

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