Piers Morgan Blames Gun Advocate for 'Allowing' More Shooting Deaths After Newtown

CNN's Piers Morgan accused conservative Ben Shapiro of "allowing more and more [graves] to be dug" after last year's Newtown shooting, simply because Shapiro opposes an "assault weapons" ban. Morgan tweeted his gun control rant on Wednesday after the 911 calls of the Newtown shooting were released.

Shapiro has bested Morgan in two separate debates over gun laws, and called out Morgan for "standing on graves again." Morgan spat back, "While you demand your 'rights' to assault weapons, allowing more and more of them to be dug."

"Britain banned all assault weapons AND handguns. Your country did NOTHING after Newtown. Why?" Morgan responded to Shapiro, who tried to goad him into pushing a handgun ban.

In an interview with CNN host Fareed Zakaria published online, Morgan declared no need for anyone to own an "assault rifle."

"I see no reason for any civilian to own assault rifles -- I would ban all of them," he said, adding that he would "introduce heavy punishment for not keeping firearms 100 percent secured in the home."

"[T]he single biggest contributory factor in gun violence in the United States is…guns. There are just too many of them, and it’s far too easy to buy one," he stated.

Here's more of Morgan's Twitter rant:



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