CNN Has Cozy Interview With Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Fails to ID Him as Democrat

Is CNN this cozy only with Democrats? New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo was on Tuesday's New Day with his brother Chris, the show's co-host, for a playful interview. The network failed to identify the governor as a Democrat.

Co-host Kate Bolduan hailed Gov. Cuomo's "Sexiest Fiftysomething" award by People magazine and the Cuomos enjoyed some light-hearted banter including this line, "New York is a sexy state."

Below is a transcript of the segment, which aired on New Day on November 26 at 8:52 a.m. EST:


KATE BOLDUAN: Does fit equal sexy?

CHRIS CUOMO: No, not necessarily.

BOLDUAN: Hmm. Why does Kate wonder this?

TIM FERRISS: He couldn't admit it, because he would be saying "I am sexy."

BOLDUAN: Why does Kate wonder this? Because we're going to take a little bit of a different turn, a little journey into maybe a family dynamic. Thanksgiving table in the Cuomo house might be a little tense this year because a Cuomo is on the -- bring it in, Bruce – a Cuomo is in the People's "Sexiest Man Alive" list.

CUOMO: Yes, I am Adam Levine.

BOLDUAN: This is Chris. However, it may not be our beloved Chris Cuomo. It might be another Cuomo who might just be joining us on the phone.


BOLDUAN: Governor, are you there?

Gov. ANDREW CUOMO (D-N.Y.) (via telephone): Yes, I am.

C. CUOMO: Yes, he is.

A. CUOMO: And it's my pleasure to be with you.

C. CUOMO: I bet it is.

PEREIRA: Oh, my goodness!

BOLDUAN: So, Governor -- why, oh, why, Governor, are you on the list and your poor, younger brother is not?

A. CUOMO: Well, I think it's obvious, frankly. Any observer of the situation, I think, would come to the same conclusion. But I do feel – I feel bad that Chris isn't on the list.

PEREIRA: Do you?

A. CUOMO: I do have good news, though. He almost made the list. And if there was a runner-up list, he would have been on that list.

PEREIRA: Response Chris.

BOLDUAN: Yes, that deserves a pound.

C. CUOMO: Listen, shut up. I'm glad you have nothing better to do than to call me about this. I think there's an asterisk on your picture there.

BOLDUAN: We are in so much trouble.

C. CUOMO: I'm hoping you're enjoying this. What is this now?

A. CUOMO: Yes, actually, I am. I am enjoying this on behalf of the state of New York.

C. CUOMO: Are you really? Maybe it's really being gifted to the state of New York as just a sexy place in general and you have, you know, this honor of being the face of New York for now because to look at that face –  

PEREIRA: Governor Cuomo, I can't get over the fact that you guys sound alike. I feel like I have two Cuomos in my –  

C. CUOMO: His voice is higher than mine, which is apparently very sexy. High politician's whine –  


A. CUOMO: Well, whatever it is, it is obviously sexy. And, yes, I will say it's on behalf of the state of New York and I am – New York is a sexy state.

PEREIRA: It is a sexy state.

A. CUOMO: Yes, it is. And I'm the governor of New York and I think that's why I was afforded the honor, but some people weren't.

BOLDUAN: Some. I hear the air quotes, Governor. "Some" people were not afforded the honor.

C. CUOMO: I feel his -- I hear his head swelling up the inside of whatever vehicle he's in right now.

A. CUOMO: No, but I do want to say, look, Chris has -- God gives everyone certain talents. Chris has some great talents. He's a good listener, he's very good at badminton, Christopher also. So he does have talent all his own.

PEREIRA: You're very talented.

C. CUOMO: Can you believe this?

BOLDUAN: We love you for other reasons, not because you're sexy.

C. CUOMO: Yeah, this is great. Try to contain your enthusiasm.

BOLDUAN: I'm sorry. It's a just a little bit of fun before Thanksgiving. Governor, thank you for playing along.

PEREIRA: Your next job might have to be to learn how to be therapist at the family table at Thanksgiving.

C. CUOMO: Congratulations.

A. CUOMO: You guys have a very nice Thanksgiving.

C. CUOMO: You, too. We can't hear you anymore -- must have lost the connection.

BOLDUAN: Lovely to meet you too, Governor.

C. CUOMO: We lost you. I hope you're well. Lower my taxes.

BOLDUAN: Don't raise mine. Thank you, Governor. See you soon.

PEREIRA: Awkward family moment on "New Day".

BOLDUAN: Sorry. Had to be done.

C. CUOMO: Yeah, that's great.

PEREIRA: You know, we both have a lot of sisters. They could get on the phone.

FERRISS: I'll call them.

C. CUOMO: I know. There's absolutely no chance that this ever comes back to haunt either of you.


C. CUOMO: We both know it's not my way. I will rise above it.

BOLDUAN: No. Revenge is not in his name.

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