CNN Anchor Slams GOP: 'Dominated' by 'Very Vocal Bigots,' 'Blinded by the Obama Hate Trees'

CNN anchor Don Lemon once again ripped into Republicans on Tuesday's Tom Joyner Morning Show. Lemon claims that he is non-partisan, but given his repeated tirades against the GOP and the Tea Party, one has to wonder about that.

The GOP is "dominated by aging white Americans and some very vocal bigots," Lemon insisted, and "no longer represents the changing demographics of this country." He said the party is "blinded by the Obama hate trees,""in a death spiral," and needs to lay off the "haterade."

"Republicans, here's the bottom line from those of us who are not watching from the forest. You are blinded by the Obama hate trees, fighting amongst yourselves, in a death spiral. Google the term target fixation immediately! Get on the same message. And stop drinking the haterade. It is leaving a bad taste in your mouths and the majority of America is recoiling from your bad breath," Lemon ranted.

He pointed to Sunday's Million Vets March where a protester flew a Confederate flag in front of the White House and the head of the group Freedom Watch said Obama needs to "put the Quran down" and "figuratively come up with his hands out."

"[T]here are some who are defending the misdirected actions of some veterans and Tea Party members," Lemon said. "It's embarrassing."

(H/T Mediaite)

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