CNN Ignores Report Alleging State Dept Security Engaged In Sexual Assault, 'Endemic' of Soliciting Prostitutes

On Monday, CNN ignored a CBS News report that, according to the State Department's Inspector General, the department stymied investigations into allegations of sexual assault by its security employees. Neither NBC nor ABC touched the story either.

As CBS reported, an Inspector General memo detailed specific examples of alleged sexual assault and soliciting of prostitutes by State Department security officials abroad. The department's watchdog tried to investigate the cases but the investigations were "influenced, manipulated, or simply called off." The memo noted that security details engaging prostitutes in foreign countries was an "endemic" problem.

In addition, the memo reported that department security contractors obtained drugs from an  "underground drug ring" in Baghdad. The scandal poses yet another headache for an Obama administration embroiled in controversy over its NSA surveillance program, the Justice Department seizing phone records of journalists, and the IRS targeting Tea Party groups.

Nonetheless, CNN did not deem this newest scandal newsworthy on Monday morning and early Monday afternoon.

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