CNN Commentator Gloats That Rush Limbaugh Is Becoming a 'Relic,' 'as Dated as Jazzercise'

Rush Limbaugh is fast becoming a "relic," "as dated as Jazzercise or 'Macarena'" – or so says CNN regular Dean Obeidallah in a new op-ed.

Ironically, a CNN contributor is calling someone else irrelevant. But in all seriousness, Obeidallah gloats over Limbaugh's lost ad revenue in the past year and points to his inevitable decline: "Has Limbaugh become as dated as Jazzercise or 'Macarena?' All you need to do is look at the bottom line to see that Limbaugh is in trouble."

"Regardless where he turns up, Limbaugh will likely not be as relevant to the national media as he is now. All you have to do is look at the career of radio host Don Imus," Obeidallah added later, citing last week's report that the CEO of Limbaugh's radio syndicator admitted that advertisers distancing themselves from Limbaugh was hurting his company's profits.

[Warning: Some readers may find the following language objectionable.]

Obeidallah also smacked Limbaugh for his "bigotry," but the liberal comedian is a blatant hypocrite for doing so. Obeidallah last year claimed that Rick Santorum echoed "the Taliban" when talking about the roles of church and state. He's compared Limbaugh to a "stripper" and has defended the "unfettered right" of vile comedians like Bill Maher to "political satire."

Maher had previously called both Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann a "MILF" and labeled Palin a "cunt." Would Obeidallah say this was really just political satire?

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