Cherry Picks Blog Posts to Paint 'Hard-Core Conservatives' as In 'Denial' Over Obama's Victory cherry picked a few conservative blog posts to make the sweeping claim that "arch-conservatives" are in denial over President Obama's victory. It's definitely poor journalism when four bloggers at two conservative websites represent all "hard-core conservatives."

The article points to four writers at Tea Party Nation and as examples of "many" "die-hard conservatives" who "remain stuck somewhere between denial and anger, very far from acceptance" of Obama's re-election. In short, the implication is that conservatives need to get with the times and change their message.

"Overall, though, hard-core conservatives continue to reject that they are a minority in a country built on the core principle of liberty that they embrace," the article states. Nine posts are cited by the four authors, ranging from a call to boycott the election results to a rant against "treason, felonies, and usurpations."

 A couple of the writers –'s Erick Erickson and TPN's Judson Phillips – are well-known. The other two "writers" are simply members of Tea Party Nation.

Erickson is suggested as an example of not accepting the election's refutation of "hard-core conservatives," because he wrote that "there sure as hell won't be any apologies for fighting for what we believe in."'s Tom Cohen followed that up by writing that "Some acceptance has been necessary," citing the concession of Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.).

Read the whole article here.

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