Piers Morgan Begs Jerry Springer to Run for Office

A week after he pushed liberal actor Alec Baldwin to enter politics, CNN's Piers Morgan lauded Jerry Springer and told him to "Get into politics." Apparently, Piers Morgan Tonight has become a place to encourage liberal celebrities to run for office.

 "It is time you did your duty for your country," Morgan solemnly told Springer on Thursday night's Piers Morgan Tonight.

Morgan gave his best effort at brown-nosing. "I'm seeing a stump speech here," he told Springer after the guest's political rant. "And you know what I'm seeing behind you? Probably, you know, 100,000 people somewhere in America. And you know what they're all doing when they're hearing you? 'Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!'"

Outside of being elected to the Cincinnati city council and serving a year as mayor, Springer has experienced hard luck with politics. He ran unsuccessfully for Congress in 1970, was ousted from the Cincinnati city council in a prostitution scandal, failed to receive the 1982 Democratic nomination for Ohio governor, and mulled a 2004 senate run before backing off amidst highly unfavorable poll ratings.

"This anti-government thing is nuts. We can't have everyone involved only in the private sector," Springer ripped the recent push to cut government spending, on Thursday.


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