NBC Sports Speculates: GOP Victory In Minnesota Could Cause NFL's Vikings To Move

Not even NBC Sports could stay out of politics the day after the election, on what must have been a slow NFL news day. The provocative headline "Republican Tidal Wave Could Carry Vikings To L.A." was featured prominently on NBC Sports' ProFootballTalk.com Wednesday.

This speculation by Mike Florio of NBC Sports detailed a possible domino effect brought about by the Minnesota state legislature going Republican for the first time in 38 years. Florio warned that the NFL's Minnesota Vikings may leave town if they cannot get public funding for a new stadium, since their lease on their current stadium expires after this season.

"Generally speaking, Republicans favor limited government and low taxes," Florio explained. "One of the ways to keep taxes low is to avoid undertaking significant spending programs that in the view of some constitute a handout for a private enterprise."

He then quoted a Republican senator-elect saying the budget is the number one priority for the GOP. Thus, a new stadium will be a low priority for public funding, and so the Minnesota Vikings will find themselves without a home after this season, which, in the current climate of cities like Los Angeles and London being considered for an NFL team, would catapult the Vikings into the status of the NFL team likely to leave town.

See how that all worked out? Are you scared now, Minnesota fans? Leave it to NBC Sports reporters to act as (liberal) political analysts on a slow news day.

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