Ultra-Liberal Radio Host Skews What Rush Limbaugh Actually Said

Liberal radio host Randi Rhodes attacked Rush Limbaugh Friday for an argument which he never made – namely that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid never privately practiced law. Limbaugh, in fact, affirmed that Reid practiced law – for two years.

Smearing Limbaugh as a "fat freak," Rhodes criticized him for making facts up about Reid. "After [Limbaugh] said he did his research, he came back on the air and said that Harry Reid has taken bribes, and has insider trading information," Rhodes ranted. "Harry Reid was a lawyer for 18 years!"

Limbaugh, on his October 15 talk show, investigated Reid's background to discover whether he had indeed made a living off of investments and a private law practice before he came to Capitol Hill. Reid recently defended himself against allegations by his opponent Sharron Angle who wondered openly how he had risen to his current wealth and power from lowly beginnings.

Reid affirmed that he had made an honest living through successful investments and his private law practice. Rush Limbaugh challenged him on this point. "We can't find very much time that Dingy Harry had to be in private practice in law, two years at most," Limbaugh asserted, alleging that Reid may not have been able to accrue great wealth in such a short time in the private sector.  

"We know he's involved in a bunch of shady land deals [while serving in public office], and he claims that all that money he made as a lawyer he invested.  That's what got him rich," Limbaugh continued, defending Reid's GOP opponent Sharron Angle for wishing to invest her Social Security money in the stock market, which Reid called "extreme."

Rhodes then lashed out at both Limbaugh and Angle on Friday. "You talk about classless and inappropriate and absolutely bizarre!" she exclaimed of the allegations against Reid. "She [Angle] is disgusting," Rhodes spat. "That was shameful!"

"Reid returned to his private law practice for a few years, then won the first of two terms in the United States House of Representatives in 1982," Limbaugh narrated. "So where can it be shown he was some great lawyer who earned millions of dollars through the legal process?  Where can it be shown?  But he said this is how he got rich.  So which is it?  Is he the only one smart enough to get rich and provide for himself off the province of evil corporations and the stock market?  That's what he said he did.  Or do you have to be a powerful senator who gets insider deals to make a profit?"


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