Wallace: SoCons Aside, Republicans Should Consider Supporting Hillary

Talk about your Hobson's Choice . . . on today's Morning Joe, Nicolle Wallace, citing GOP consultants, suggested that--other than social conservatives--Republicans concerned with foreign policy should consider supporting Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. Hillary supporter Harold Ford, Jr. could be heard chiming in with a "well said."

Wallace was echoing the argument laid out by Joe Scarborough: that on a range of issues from foreign intervention to Israel, taxing the rich to breaking up the banks, Clinton's positions are closer to those of the GOP establishment than Trump's. But Joe, Nicolle and those Republican consultants are forgetting one overriding concern . . .

And that is the Supreme Court. We're not sure whom Trump might appoint--and his initial suggestion that his very liberal sister would make a great Justice is troubling. But at least there's some hope that he would be amenable to appointing a constitutionalist. In contrast, a President Hillary would almost surely appoint a radical "living Constitution" type who would abet a liberal majority in dismantling our founding document.  Reason enough for Republicans to reject her candidacy.

Note: Nicolle refers to social issues as "pro-life, what not."  Probably not the language a social conservative would use.

NICOLLE WALLACE: The conversations happening in private with Republican, is that if you are not a social conservative there is less and less rationale for hardened opposition to Hillary Clinton. If you're a social conservative there's no way you get there, if you care about that bucket of social issues, pro-life, what not, you can't make the leap to Hillary Clinton.  But if foreign policy is how you vote, if that is your central concern, if counterterrorism is what worries you, how do you not consider Hillary Clinton in November? 

Harold Ford, Jr.: Well said. 


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