Former AG Rejects VandeHei Suggestion Hillary Wouldn't Be Charged in Email Probe

Members of the Morning Joe panel tried their best to block and tackle for Hillary given the revelation that the person who set up her server has been granted immunity. Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey said the most troubling issue is the way things got from the SIPRnet--a Pentagon system used for exchanging Secret information--to Hillary's server.

Mukasey explained that someone must have taken something off SIPRnet and either transcribed it or summarized it and then put it on her server. Politico's Jim VandeHei suggested hopefully that if charges are brought it would be against the "staffers" who did that, rather than Hillary. Mukasey batted that away: "if she ordered that that be done . . . if she knew that that was the way it was being done, that it is being done on her order, that's a problem."

Before VandeHei, Mike Barnicle did his best to diminish the problem. Barnicle bemoaned "overclassification" of material as top secret. Michael Mukasey shot that down. Yes, there's overclassification, but when you're talking about human information [spying] and satellite information, "that's not over-classification." He also mentioned that there were 22 items on Hillary's server so secret they could not be described to the public.

Joe Scarborough later scolded Donny Deutsch for his knee-jerk defense of Hillary

The Clinton campaign and its MSM acolytes can dial the smoke-and-dust machine up to 11 if it wants.  But if Hillary or someone very close to her is indicted, game over.

WILLIE GEIST: I know you don't have access to all the evidence -- 

MICHAEL MUKASEY: I don't have access to any of it. 

WILLIE: Right. But as an attorney and former judge, what troubles you most based on what you've read and seen? 

MUKASEY: What troubles me most is the way the stuff got from what's called the SIPRnet, the secret network within the government. And that network doesn't talk to any other network. So what has to have happened is somebody took it off there and either transcribed it or summarized it and then put it on her server. That's very troubling. 

JIM VANDEHEI: Doesn't that mean that most likely if there were to be charges in the case like this, it's going to be the staffers who did that versus it going all the way up to Hillary Clinton? 

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Well, one of them just got immunity, and that's the guy who set up the server. 

MUKASEY: It's not "versus" because if she ordered that that be done and there's one e-mail, you remember, where somebody says -- she's expecting talking points and he says well I need to get a classified fax machine and she says make it on paper and send it unclassified, meaning take the marking off it, send it unclassified. If she knew that that was the way it was being done, and it was being done on her order, that's a problem. 


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