Michael Eric Dyson Denounces 'All This Christian Rhetoric' From Republicans Who Oppose Amnesty

For a guy who claims "I don't want to demonize my opponents," Michael Eric Dyson does a dynamite job of it!
And thus, guest-hosting on MSNBC today for Ed Schultz, Dyson ripped Republicans who express "all this Christian rhetoric that we're sanctified and saved and believe in the righteousness of God," yet have the audacity to disagree with him on granting amnesty to illegal immigrants. View the video after the jump.

If Dyson is sincere about not liking to demonize his opponents, it's simple: just stop demonizing them . . . and recognize that tens of millions of good Americans of all religions object to amnesty for those who enter the country illegally. 

And if anyone is responsible for the humanitarian situation regarding children who have come acros the border, it is President Obama, whose lax enforcement of existing immigration laws has created a climate encouraging people to enter the country illegally.

Note: don't you just love that ever-so-slightly loaded viewer question?


MICHAEL ERIC DYSON: Here's our next question; it's from Maryland. Why are the Republicans so thrilled at hurting immigrants and not giving them a chance at citizenship?

Boy, I tell you, Maryland, I don't want to demonize my opponents, I don't like to think of other people who disbelieve what I believe to be somehow horrible human beings, but I gotta tell you, I can find no good reason that people would look at those 50 children really being warehoused in such vicious and horrible fashion and think anything else but that we have got to help them. We spew a lot of religious discourse. We're going to talk about a little bit about it on the show later on today.

All of this Christian rhetoric that we are sanctified and saved and believe in the righteousness of God but yet we allow people to suffer in depraved fashion. My former mentor, the late Reverend Dr. James Washington, said some people go to church to love God instead of their neighbor. I think about some of the Republicans that they would rather love God instead of the neighbors they see before them because it demands serious of them, a committment to those who are the least of those. So I don't know why the Republicans do that, but if they want to redeem their reputations as human beings, I say they join the rest of us and get concerned about the least of these who are immigrants who deserve a path to citizenship in America.

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