Morning Joe Manages to Devote 12+ Minutes to Lauding Letterman Without Mentioning His Liberalism

Today's Morning Joe devoted a seemingly endless opening segment to the lavish lauding of David Letterman, who yesterday announced that he would be retiring sometime next year.  Not once, but twice, Joe Scarborough actually equated Letterman's importance with that of the Beatles.  Gag me with a walrus.

But not once in the 12-plus minute love letter to Letterman did anyone find time to mention the liberal slant that Letterman brought to the Late Show. Ironically, in the subsequent segment Scarborough lambasted Harry Reid for, among other things, lying in claiming that Mitt Romney over a period of ten years hadn't paid any taxes.  Guess who else perpetrated the same lie, accusing Romney for good measure of being a "felon?"  Yup, Letterman, as documented by our dear late NewsBusters colleague, Noel Sheppard. View the Morning Joe video after the jump.

How would you explain Morning Joe's lacuna when it came to mentioning Letterman's liberalism?

JOE SCARBOROUGH: And you've got to put David Letterman--and of course Carson was Letterman's hero-- in the same category. The fact that we had him for as long as we had him. I see you smiling. I'm completely sincere. This is -- I mean, I put him right up there as far as entertainment goes with like the Beatles.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Oh, I'm not laughing. I totally agree with you --

SCARBOROUGH:  As far as people who have changed our lives.

 . . .

SCARBOROUGH: Everything that followed was shaped by David Letterman just like all the music that followed February, 1964 in America was shaped by the Beatles.