Mika: Millenials Join Military 'If They Need The Money'

Mika Brzezinski has a jaded view of why young Americans choose to join the military.  According to the Morning Joe host, they do so "if they need the money."

Brzezinski made her comment on today's show during a segment on a book comparing the values and beliefs of the various generations of Americans. When Joe Scarborough challenged her doing-it-for-the-money claim, saying that many serve "for all the best reasons," Brzezinski began to back down.  Mika also suggested that her fellow panelists didn't know many people serving in the military, which might say more about the MSM bubble in which they exist than it does about the millenial generation. View the video after the jump.

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MIKA BRZEZINSKI: What has been asked of them? Historically, there just hasn't been -- during war time, young people are asked to serve. It's not like that any more. People serve now if they need the money and you sort of don't have --

JOE SCARBOROUGH: There are a lot of proud Americans --

BRZEZINSKI: -- obviously, people who are serving --

SCARBOROUGH: -- that have served for all of the right reasons.

BRZEZINSKI: Ask people around this table.

SCARBOROUGH: Hold on a second. Let's be very clear. That's a very small percentage of the population.

BRZEZINSKI: Right. I didn't mean to gloss over it. But ask people around the table or ask people that you know how many of them know many people who are serving, or many people who are responding to some sort of call, and mission. And it just doesn't seem like our millennials feel like they are needed in any way.



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