Scarborough Accuses Chuck Todd of 'Wild Speculation' Over What Wildstein Told Christie

Could the GW bridge scandal be causing internal friction at MSNBC?  On today's Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough upbraided Chuck Todd for "wild speculation" in the matter.  

Scarborough's slap at Todd came in response to the NBC political director's suggestion that, based on a photo showing Christie and Wildstein together at a September 11 event--it was "very likely" that Wildstein--in an effort to curry favor with Chris Christie--had told the governor what he had done with the lane closures.  View the video after the jump.

Even after being accused of "wild speculation," Todd continued to defend his theory, saying it was "very possible" that Wildstein had spoken to Christie about the lane closures at the September 11 event. The back-and-forth came fast and furious but Scarborough can be heard challenging Todd about his "burden as a reporter."  Another shot at Todd's journalistic standards?

Seems like the Christie situation is threatening to create some serious rifts at the "Lean Forward" network.

Note: Both Todd and Scarborough take shots at MSNBC's reporting on the Christie matter.  As Scarborough continues to grill Todd, he suggests that Scarborough instead pose his questions to New York Times reporter Kate Zirnike.  "It's not my report," says Todd, "it's hard enough defending our own reporting!To which Scarborough replies: "and all the people said Amen!"


CHUCK TODD: Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that photo of Christie and Wildstein together during that period?

TODD: Yeah. I mean, so, you know, I'm just trying to connect the dots here but it seems logical to me that if you're wondering what Wildstein's referring to, is it possible Wildstein, who, in those e-mails with Bridget Kelly, clearly wanted, or somebody wanted to know they were in good graces with Trenton. Is Trenton happy? Remember that e-mail exchange? And Bridget was like, yes, yes, yes. So is it very likely that Wildstein brought it up to Christie, hey, what do you think of what we did here when he saw? Let's say you assume that Wildstein is a puppy dog here and really wanted the approval of the governor.

SCARBOROUGH: Chuck, that is -- hold on, hold on! That's just wild --

TODD: I'm just saying.

SCARBOROUGH: That's just wild speculation, Chuck. Did Oliver North talk to John Poindexter when they were like in a military function in 1986 about Iran contra?

TODD: But you're asking what is Wildstein--we do have a photo of them, it's very possible that Wildstein --

SCARBOROUGH: [unintelligble] burden as a reporter? I'm not defending Chris Christie here.

TODD: I'm just saying, you're saying, what is Wildstein providing here. For all we know that's what he's claiming, when he was with Christie then.

SCARBOROUGH: All I am asking is a simple question.

TODD: Look. It's not my report. Ask it to Kate [Zirnike, of the New York Times].

SCARBOROUGH: I've asked of it Kate. Kate is saying Christie --

TODD: It's hard enough defending our own reporting!

SCARBOROUGH: And all the people said Amen!

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