Melissa Harris-Perry Pronounces Marine Corps Motto Semper 'Fee'

Call it Melissa Harris-Perry's "corpse-man" moment . . .

In a segment on the role of the US military during her MSNBC show this morning, Harris-Perry, quoting the Marine Corps motto, pronounced it Semper "Fee."  Marines of course pronounce it "fye" [scroll over phrase at link to hear pronunciation.]  Harris-Perry surely meant no disrespect. But it is a mark of just how detached she and so much of the liberal media is from military culture that she could make such a mistake.  Video after the jump.


MELISSA HARRIS-PERRY: Because, well, if there is anything that is quintessentially American, it is our military, and their goal can be seen in their very mottos.  The Army's "this we'll defend," or Semper Fi [pronounced "fee" by her], always faithful, for the Marines.


Note: I don't suppose MH-P was making an ironic observation--that there is always a "fee" associated with military action? ;-)

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